Buying Boats in Scotland

One of our latest purchases was a Hunter Landau 20 from Glasgow. The boat was offered to us as the owner wanted a quick boat sale before a home move. This can often be a common reason why people choose us to buy their boats as it removes any hassle. It also doesn’t take a long as a broker might take to sell the boat.

We have bought lots of boats from Scotland over the years. It seems that there are lots of great boats north of the border but sometimes a limited market for people to sell them in. Once we get the boat back down to the South coast people snap them up. There have been times when we’ve sent a member of the team to buy a boat in Scotland. The team have then listed the boat for sale and someone in Scotland has bought the boat meaning we had the long journey to take her back.

Hunter Landau 20

This Hunter Landau 20 was an easy decision for our team to buy. She had been well maintained and had solid road trailer for us to transport her back to us on.

Her former owner was in the process of moving home and realistically knew that the boat would be another thing to have to sort. Also he was moving further away from places he could use the boat regularly. All of this led to him making the sensible decision to sell his boat. He had the cash for the boat in his account the day we went to collect.

Quick Cash for Boats

Getting quick cash for boats is always one of the perks of selling to us. We can promise we will buy every boat but we will consider any boat. We will usually make an offer as long as we think we can make you a fair offer, collect the bot and then sell it on to make a margin.

Sell Your Boat

If you have a boat to sell in Scotland just give us a call. Or send us some pictures and details in an email. We will consider any boat anywhere in the UK. We know there are thousands of great boats for sale in Scotland and we are happy to make cash offers for them.

Sell Your Boat