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Sell Your Boat Quickly with BuyAnyBoat. Are mooring fees, costly maintenance, leaks, damage and rising insurance renewals combining to spoil your boat owning experience? Is it time to sell your yacht, motorboat, narrowboat, cruiser or commercial watercraft?

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Sell Your Boat - Step 1 - Fill In The Form.

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Complete The Form

Simply fill in our simple form and provide a few images and press submit, we’ll then review the information.

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Step 2
Arrange An Appointment

We will contact you to arrange an appointment to view the boat at a date and time that is convenient for you.

Sell Your Boat - Step 3 - Complete Sale

Step 3
Complete Sale

If the boat meets our standards, we transfer the money to your bank account and transport the boat to one of our storage areas.

Sell My Boat - Divorce or Death in the Family?

Sell Your Boat

Experiencing a divorce, death in the family, an impending tax bill, bankruptcy or cash crisis? We can offer money for your boat through our we buy any boat service.

Sell Your Boat to We Buy Any Boat

Sell Your Boat - Insurance Company?

Boats Bought For Cash

Are you an insurance company or marine finance firm looking to dispose of a vessel? A lender looking to sell a repossessed boat?

Sell Your Boat to We Buy Any Boat

Sell Your Boat - Keep Costs Down

Sell My Boat

Why spend your time and money on a boat you don’t want anymore? Have your dry-stack fees become to high to justify? Sell her!

Sell Your Boat to We Buy Any Boat

Sell Your Boat - Need Cash Now!

Boats For Cash

If you need cash now, don’t have the time to wait for your yacht or motorboat to sell or don’t have the time or desire to be involved in the finer details of the selling process call us.

Sell Your Boat to We Buy Any Boat

We Buy Any Boat will discreetly purchase your boat, yacht or motorboat within 2-4 days.

We don’t always have to see it to buy it: No matter where you’re located, we’ll arrange for an appraisal to be performed by one of our certified surveyors in your area, and do a pre-purchase inspection. We will buy it based on their recommendations and report, and transfer the money into your account quickly. You will get instant cash for your boat and we can mostly agree a deal the same day. If you have a boat that has not sold, maybe its been abandoned or neglected or your broker has lost interest or maybe you need a quick sale, call us. We buy boats, yachts, motorboats and narrowboats that are factory built (sorry, no home-made boats) That were built since 1965. They must be able to float and ideally able to move under their own power or by sail. We will pay all the costs related to the purchase of your yacht or motorboat.

You’ll avoid all broker fees and any other sales expenses. Sell your boat with Buy Any today!

Sell Your Boat to We Buy Any Boat