Lonely Boats - Matching Old Boats to New Owners

Is your boat over 30 years old?

If you have a boat over 30 years old, you may have more luck selling it through our Lonely Boats services. For a one off fee, we can put your boat in front of thousands of potential buyers who are looking for their next project.

Step 1 - Complete The Form

Complete our form with as much information as possible, hit submit, and we’ll be in contact with an offer.

Step 2 - View The Boat

We arrange to inspect your boat. After the viewing, we agree a sale price and arrange payment.

Step 3 - Complete The Sale

We transfer the money into your account the same day and we take ownership of the boat.

Sell your boat for cash to Buy Any Boat quickly with our quick and easy 3 step sale process.

We’ll Buy Your Boat!

If you’re keen to swiftly sell your boat, opting for cash is the most expedient route. Our boat-buying service caters to a diverse array of vessels, ranging from those valued as low as £3,500 up to £100,000. We specialise in purchasing yachts, speedboats, fishing boats, motorboats, and jet skis. As one of the foremost buyers of pre-owned yachts and motorboats in the UK and Ireland, we prioritise a seamless, rapid, and hassle-free transaction process.

Now, let’s address the question of how much you can expect to receive. Typically, we offer between 60% to 70% of the boat’s retail value. However, for certain models and during specific times of the year, we can even pay up to 90% of the boat’s value. Feel free to reach out to us for a free, no-obligation cash offer on your boat. We’re here to make the process easy and efficient!

We’ll Buy Any Boat, just not every boat! We consider any boat no matter what the make, model, age or condition. Just fill in our contact form, attach three good photos (If your photos are too big you can always send them separately) and we will get back to you as soon as is possible. On occasion we may decide your boat isn’t one we want to buy but we will always suggest alternative solutions to try and help you.

Here are some tips to really tempt us into buying your boat:

  • Include lots of recent pictures of the inside and outside of the boat. Don’t forget the engine!
  • Give us a detailed summary of your boat in the contact form: Make, model, age, fixtures and fittings etc.
  • Tell us what you hope to sell her for so we can start to compare your boat to others on the market.
  • Be honest and upfront about any problems or work that needs carrying out.
  • Give us a call on 023 9298 4666 to talk to us about selling your boat.

Have you got a boat that is running up Costs?

Is your boat going un-used for years and running up costs you no longer want to pay? You could get a trade offer from us to buy your boat. Complete our form to find out, its free to get a valuation.

Rising costs of mooring becoming too high?

Is the cost of keeping your boat in a marina or on a mooring getting too expensive? Mooring fees increase every year while the value of your boat decreases. Sell your boat to Buy Any Boat and save your money.

Found a new boat and want a quick sale?

Found your next dream boat, but need to sell your old one quickly to free up some cash? Call us as the team at Buy Any Boat may be able to help.

Why Use Buy Any Boat

No Middle Man
Quick Decisions
Hassle Free
No Hidden Fees
Fast Payments
Outstanding Finance Accepted