About Us

The team at We Buy Any Boat are marine specialists who trade in all types of boats and maritime vessels and buy and sell all types of boats, just not every boat!

We regularly buy Yachts, Motorboats, Narrowboats, Ribs, Jet ski’s and other marine watercraft. Once we have been offered a boat, and if we want to proceed with the purchase, we will offer a fair valuation of your vessel and if you are happy to proceed we complete the deal and the money gets transferred to your bank same day.

Unlike other ‘buy any boat’ sites we purchase many of the boats we are offered. We are not a yacht broker and don’t pass on your information to other boat buyers. This means you’ll get a fair and honest appraisal of your boat and achieve the best price possible.

If you have a yacht, motorboat or other type of watercraft you’re looking to sell it couldn’t be easier. Fill out our contact form and your vessel details will be sent to our boat buying team. The Buy-Any-Boat team will then reply and ask some questions to get the information that we need.

They will assess your information and pictures before we decide whether to arrange a boat viewing. Once we have seen the boat, we will make a decision to buy there and then, you could even have the money in the bank on the same day.

Whether you have a almost new vessel or one nearing the end of its life-cycle we have a service for you that will make your boat sale as effortless as possible. We can always help no matter what condition your boat is in.

Our team have many years of experience as boat traders, surveyors and yachtsmen. This means that we will always give fair and honest prices when making an offer for your boat.

Where We Operate

BuyAnyBoat will buy any boat we are offered, just not every boat. Most of the boats we buy are from the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. However, we are also happy to buy boats from around Europe if the deal is right. We buy boats at a trade/fair price and we can pay quick cash for your boat. BuyAnyBoat have bought and sold boats all across the European continent.

Do you have a boat that is just sat in the Mediterranean costing you thousands every year before you even step on board? We can help remove the burden of costly mooring fees and maintenance for a boat you barely use.

You can see a map with the countries we have already bought boats from. These include: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Norway, and Gibraltar.

If you have a boat that you want to sell and you live outside of these listed countries then we can sometimes help. All you need to do is be prepared to get the boat delivered to us and we can usually make an offer. We buy yachts, motorboats, barges, narrowboats, PWC’s, speedboats, trawlers, catamarans, jet skis and more.

Beneateau Antares
We Buy Fishing Boats

We will consider almost any fishing boat, in a reasonable condition.

Redbay Stormforce
We Buy RIBs

RIBs are always popular with us. We will consider most RIBs.

We Buy Narrowboats

We are always on the lookout for narrowboats.

Jersey 30 Gentlemen's Motorboat
We Buy Motorboats

We will consider almost any motorboat, in a reasonable condition.