Do you need the time and hassle spent trying to sell your boat privately? Forget waiting for a broker to sell your boat. Cut the time and hassle and get a cash offer for your boat. At BuyAnyBoat we can buy boats for cash.

We know that a cash offer will be less than you can achieve in a private sale. But the time, effort and storage fees saved will soon make up for it.

Getting a cash offer from the BuyAnyBoat team means no catches or hidden charges. We tell you what we are willing to offer and if you’re happy we can do a deal. There are no brokers to pay or marina’s taking a commission.

It can take months to sell a boat with the traditional method of listing a boat online or with a broker. If the BuyAnyBoat team like the look of the boat and you accept our offer you could have the money in your account the same day.

Unless a broker had buyers waiting for your specific type of boat we think they’d struggle to guarantee a same day sale.

We can’t offer quick cash for every boat we are offered. Some boats just aren’t going to offer us a margin to be able to buy and sell them on. Then there are some boats that are too far gone completely and will require scrapping.

Unfortunately old boats aren’t like old cars. Even a beaten-up old car will still get you some cash from a scrap yard. For boats it’s completely different, it will cost the boat owner to dispose of their vessel. More information can be found about this on

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