BuyAnyBoat really will buy any type of boat anywhere in the UK. But that doesn’t mean we’ll buy every boat. Sometimes there just isn’t enough value in a boat once we take into account the costs to get it back to us in Portsmouth. We buy boats to hopefully sell them on. If we can’t see a margin to be made we will politely decline to buy.

Ideally the boats we are looking for are RIBs, Fishing Boats, Fast Fishers, Narrowboats and Work Boats. We do buy some yachts but they have to be particularly well kept to tempt us. Really well kept yachts are regularly being sold off cheap so finding a true value for a boat can be tricky. One of our team even managed to buy a Gibsea Yacht for a pound.

With the current uncertainty caused by COVID 19 the boating market in the UK is heading towards potentially choppy waters. If the UK does end up in a large recession it will be leisure activities like boating which could take a big hit. Quite simply if people lose their jobs the costs of keeping a boat will be something they will be keen to shift.

It will be a tricky time for us to buy boats. People may be slashing their asking prices but the pool of people looking to buy may shrink. Buyers won’t want to be paying true market value for boats with so many bargains out there.

BuyAnyBoat work closely with Boatbreakers. We are well aware of the costs to dispose of boats if no one wants to buy.

When you offer us boats we try to be as transparent as possible. If we think you could easily make more money by selling privately we will say so.