Buy a boat? Sell your boat? Scrap your boat?

Now is the time!

Buy, Sell or Scrap… there’s never been a better time to do one of the three with your boat. Because of the COVID situation and subsequent lockdown the boating season has been shorter this year. Many owners have decided it’s time to sell. They may have concerns over work or finances as we head towards a possible recession. For many boat owners is it a costly hobby that would be a real burden if money did become tight.

On the flipside those who have always dreamed of owning a boat seem to have decided now is the time. After lockdown was relaxed we noticed a real uplift in people looking for something boaty to spend their time on. It’s no coincidence that Kayaks have sold out across the UK. Even Lidl and Aldi are now offering inflatable Kayaks.

As well as Kayaks other Personal watercraft (PWC) are in high demand. Jet Skis are as popular as ever and achieving strong prices in the market. With so much trading going on it can only be a good thing for the UK Marine industry. Once people realise the fun they can have on the water hopefully it becomes a new lifestyle choice.

Because there is such a big emphasis on buying and selling this summer the prices people are getting good prices for their boats. Now that the government has cast doubt on having a summer holiday people seem to be turning to boats as a stay at home alternative.

For those owners who have older boats that might have sat on their mooring or in a boat yard for years, 2020 has been the perfect time to bite the bullet and scrap. Our sister company Boatbreakers has been busy over the summer helping owners finally escape the financial burden of boat ownership.

We’re sure that once the season ends and the weather turns, lots of these boats and PWC that have been purchased in the summer will soon be flooding onto the market again. But for now we hope those coming into the boating world enjoy their new found hobby.