At BuyAnyBoat we always look forward to receiving your boat’s details through our enquiry forms. We know that our forms can sometimes be tricky or frustrating as you can only attach pictures of a certain file size. If you’re having trouble you can always send us the pictures separately to and we can pair them with the information you send with the form.

When you decide to take the plunge and sell your boat the first thing you should do is give your boat a clean and take a fresh set of pictures. We get sent thousands of photos of different boats and they are the first thing that we base our initial interest or valuations on.

There have been times in the past where our team have been too trusting and sadly had the wool pulled over our eyes by some boat owners. We have agreed to buy boats on the pictures that we have sent which we’ve then found to be over 10 years old. As I’m sure you can imagine a boat’s condition can change dramatically over a couple of months let alone a decade. So we always like to see up to date pictures.

If you can send us accurate information and up to date pictures for your boat enquiry we can guarantee our team will make a decision on you boat within days.

The pictures our team hope to see are of all the major features of the boat inside and out. If the boat has an inboard/outboard engine that’s always important to show us, even if the engine isn’t in good condition we want to see. Before completing a sale we will usually visit the boat first so you don’t have to send us an album’s worth of detail just anything you think helps to give us an idea of the boat’s condition.

Some examples of the type of pictures we need to see

Yacht For Sale - Westerly Centaur For Sale
Sending Us Pictures - Picture of a Boats Kitchen Area
Motor Boat For Sale - Cleopatra 40 Boat For Sale
Sending Us Pictures - Picture of a Motorboat
Sending us Pictures - Picture of a Prop
Sending us Pictures - Picture of a Yacht