Winter is Coming for Boat Owners

With the stormy weather and the end of the season that almost never was we are still looking to Buy your boats. We understand that with the current uncertainty caused by Covid many boat owners will want to cash.

At BuyAnyBoat we will buy any boat anywhere. Just not every boat! We buy boats to try and sell on so the prices we offer won’t be what you could achieve if you sold privately. However, what we can offer is same day decisions and cash for your boat. There will be no middleman to negotiate through it will just be us deciding what we offer for your boat.

As the boating season comes to an end the chances of selling a boat privately become slimmer. Many potential buyers will simply wait until the season starts back up in spring before choosing their new project.

The BuyAnyBoat team are always happy to buy motorboats and fast fishers. These are boats we know there will always be a market for. Unfortunately we have to think more carefully with yachts. Yachts values can vary wildly especially with so many buyers happy to walk away from their boat for just a pound. One of our office team managed to purchase a nice GIBSEA 92 yacht for himself for £1 when really it should be worth around £15k.

If the BuyAnyBoat team feel you could easily make more money through selling privately we will advise you to go down that route. We realise that a trade offer from us isn’t always worth taking.

There are many reasons people come to us. It might not just be a boat owner who wants a hassle free sale. It can be due to simple family issues like divorce, death in the family or inheritance leaving a boat to someone who doesn’t want it.

Unlike selling through a broker who could have your boat on their site for months. We will make a quick decision whether to buy and then get the deal done fast. You will then be free to spend the cash without anymore boaty worries.

So if you’d like to sell your boat just fill in our form, attach some pictures and see if we’ll make an offer for your boat.