We never like turning down boats. We understand that you come to us because you may want a quick sale or may be fed up with the broker trying to sell your boat.

Our team will always do our best to make an offer for your boat. We must carefully consider what boats we buy as we are not a large multinational company with unlimited storage space. Or unlimited funds for that matter!

When we buy boats we can only offer a trade price. This is because we intend to buy your boat and then try and sell it on to make a profit. We made no effort to hide our intentions as that is simply the way the business works.

Sometimes we may think your boat just won’t offer us a return. We have to factor in more than a private buyer would. As all of the transport costs and possible repairs we will need to do will eat away at any margin. Rather than making silly low offers for boats we will often tell Boat Owner to list the boat for sale on an auction website.

We have set up a free to list classifieds site, where we encourage people to list the boats we decline. The Marketplace is 100% Free to list and there are no final selling fees for using the site.

There are other reasons we may turn down your boat. We may deem it to be end of life so will be more suited to our Boatbreakers solution. Or the boats may need costly repairs or new parts that we simply don’t want to get involved with.